Why Visitor Fees Are Necessary

cccc)))(No matter which campground that campers choose to say at, chances are they will have friends or family living in the area who wish to visit them. When guests arrive at the campground, they are often charged a visitation fee by the campground owners. There’s a perfectly good reason for doing so. It’s not that the owner doesn’t want visitors. It is simply due to the fact that campground facilities can handle only so many people. Excess people put strain on the restrooms, pools and other facilities. In turn, this causes extra utility and maintenance expenses to the campground owner. Rather than passing these expenses on to the camper, campground owners feel that it is most fair to charge those who are using the facilities – “the visitor.” If you invite friends or family to your campsite, please advise them of visitor fees and the reason that it is necessary.



  • Good Sam (10% off nightly)
  • Military – (10% off nightly)
  • You MUST bring your valid id card with you when you check in and must be presented before final payment is made. We must verify that the card is valid in order for you to be able to receive the discount. It MUST include an expiration date. Discounts cannot be used after you check in. Discounts can only be given to the person whose name is on the card for their site only; cannot be used on multiple site reservations. Cannot combine discounts and NO discounts on our rental cabins. It is up to you to tell us you have the discount prior to checking in.
  • RETURNED CHECK CHARGE: There will be a $50.00 charge for any check returned for insufficient funds.
  • TENTS: Tents are for designated Tent Sites ONLY. Tents are NOT allowed on an RV Site. Those found with a tent on a non-designated tent site will be asked to have it removed.
Rules & Regulations
  • QUIET TIME – 10:00 P.M. to 7:00 A.M. Please be considerate of your camping neighbors. No set-up after 10:00 P.M. No abusive language! No domestic dispute being heard by other campers and no loud music, bright lights and disorderly conversation after quiet time. These types of behaviors will not be permitted or tolerated for any reason. PERIOD!
  • TRASH – All garbage must be securely tied shut in plastic bags and placed in the dumpsters provided. Only camping trash; no chairs, grills, tents, appliances or oversized garbage. Trash cans throughout the park are for soda cans, candy wrappers, etc., NOT for bags of garbage and NOT for residents – campers use only.
  • GA State Law #40-6-296.E requires all children under the age of 16 to wear a bike helmet while cycling. If you do not have one, come to the office and we will loan you one.
    Parents, please take the time to review basic bicycle SAFETY with your child. Slow down, Stop, Look and Listen.
  • CAMPFIRES – are permitted in designated areas only. Fire rings are NOT to be moved. Anyone caught moving a fire ring will automatically be charged $35.00.
  • FIREARMS – or weapons of any kind are prohibited at all times in all areas.
  • ALCOHOL – Alcohol consumption is allowed at campsites ONLY.
  • MOTOR VEHICLESSPEED LIMIT 7 MPH ENFORCED. Motor vehicles should be used in the park ONLY when necessary. Licensed drivers only. Scooters and motorized carts must have BMP Management approval for handicapped use only. ATV’S, UTV’s, MOTORIZED SCOOTERS, MOTORIZED SKATEBOARDS, HOVERBOARDS AND DRONES ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN in the resort. NO WASHING OF ANY VEHICLES.
  • GOLF CARTS – If you want to bring a golf cart, please register it when you make your reservation. They MUST be registered with the office upon check-in and you MUST provide a copy of current and proper proof of insurance from your insurance company. Fee is $2.00 per day for the golf cart for nightly camping. Your golf cart must be included (shown) on your policy. All golf cart drivers MUST be 21 years of age or older and be the site owner. Abuse of this rule will result in the removal of your golf cart from the campground.
    • NO alcoholic beverages allowed while on golf carts! Anyone caught drinking while on a golf cart will be made to remove the golf cart IMMEDIATELY.
    • NO SPEEDING! Maintain a slow walking pace operating speed while near foot or bicycle traffic.
    • No under-age driving! (Must be 21 years of age.)
    • All carts must have proper lighting.
    • All golf carts MUST be parked at the designated campsite by 9:00 p.m.
    • You must agree to be 100% fully responsible for your golf cart and all actions caused by your golf cart.
    • No golf carts on Gander Gap Road except to cross to other side. (This is a county road and operators will be ticketed by Towns County Sheriff deputies and the cart will be confiscated.)
    • Golf cart must have up-to-date permit on the right front (obtained at registration)
    • Only 1 golf cart per site (with proper insurance and ID) with only the site occupants (over the age of 21) able to operate them. If caught, you will be asked to remove the cart immediately.
    • No carts to be used after 9:00 p.m. All carts operating after dark MUST be equipped with lights.
    • We do NOT rent golf carts.
    • No golf carts on grass on rainy days.
    • The MAXIMUM number of persons allowed to ride a golf cart is 4.
    • Bald Mountain Camping Resort is not responsible for any actions or accidents caused by a golf cart.
    • Noncompliance with any of these rules will result in not being able to operate golf cart on the grounds of Bald Mountain Camping Resort.

    Please remember the safety of all campers is our primary concern. The vast majority of campers do not own or use these types of vehicles. Those who do must make SAFETY the number one goal. PERIOD!

  • GOLF CART FEE: Nightly and Weekly campers who bring Golf Carts will be charged a $2 fee per night.
  • FISHING -Fishing is prohibited from Dusk to Dawn. Children under 14 MUST be accompanied by an adult. Bass and Brim are CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY. Catfish can be kept and eaten. DO NOT USE FISH CAUGHT IN LAKE AS BAIT. Anyone caught abusing these rules will be asked to leave the park without a refund!
  • MESSAGES & PHONES– There are no public phones in the park. Messages will be posted on the bulletin board located in the BMP office. We will attempt to deliver any EMERGENCY message to your site.
  • CHILDREN MUST be supervised by an adult at ALL times. Parents/Guardians are responsible for their children’s actions, behavior and safety.
  • PETS– Domestic pets only (2 per campsite). Pets may not run loose in the campground or on your site. Please keep them on a leash or in a cage AT ALL TIMES. They are not allowed in the pool area, playground, or any buildings (including the bathhouses). Never leave your pet unattended anywhere in the campground. Please keep your pet quiet at ALL TIMES. One bark creates many barks. **PIT BULLS, ROTTWEILERS or DOBERMAN PINSCHERS of any mix are not permitted. PLEASE SCOOP YOUR POOP! Remember – children (and adults) walk the park in their bare feet!
  • USING CREDIT CARDS – We have a $5 minimum purchase to use credit/debit cards in the office. Please bring cash with you. There is an ATM in the office for your convenience.
  • CAMP AT YOUR OWN RISK; Bald Mountain Camping Resort, Inc., assumes NO responsibility for property loss, damage or personal injury.

PLEASE…No unattended children! Parents (or a responsible adult) must accompany their children at all times.

  • POOL – Hours 10:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M., weather permitting. No swimming during rain or thunder. Follow the posted pool rules. Pets are not permitted inside the fence. Please keep all food and drinks in the picnic area, NOT on the pool deck. No glass. Pool opens Memorial Day Weekend and closes after Labor Day Weekend.
  • PEDAL BOATS – $6.00 per hour. We only allow our Pedal Boats in our fishing lake. Fishing is not permitted from the boats or the gazebo.
  • FISHING is permitted in the lake during daylight hours ONLY. No fishing from Kayaks or the Gazebo. Fishing is prohibited from Dusk to Dawn. Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Bass and Brim are catch and release ONLY! Catfish you can keep and eat – YUM! DO NOT USE FISH CAUGHT IN THE LAKE AS BAIT! Anyone caught abusing these rules will be asked to leave the park without a refund.
  • PLAYGROUND (during daylight hours)
  • PUTT-PUTT ($3.00 per person – under 6 Free) Available during the campground office hours only – using our equipment only.
  • SHUFFLEBOARD AND BALL FIELD HOURS – 9 A.M. to dusk. Follow posted rules. Equipment is available at the campground office. A drivers license s required as deposit for equipment; it will be returned when all equipment is returned.
  • CHURCH – A list of local churches can be obtained in the office.
  • TELEVISION – Streaming available using our WiFi
  • REMEMBER…You are in the mountains among wildlife including bears (yes, there are bears), raccoons, snakes, etc.. It is imperative to place all garbage in the dumpsters provided. The trash cans throughout the park are for soda cans, candy wrappers, etc. Please do not leave food outside unattended.
  • WILDLIFE – Absolutely NO killing of any wildlife (including snakes, frogs, and turtles). We live in their territory!
Cell Phone Service
  • Verizon and AT&T friendly
  • Sprint – Roaming
  • Nextel and others – No Service

Message From The Management

Wi-Fi – We provide complimentary Wi-Fi for email, browsing and streaming to TV. 

The team at Bald Mountain Camping Resort wants your camping experience to be everything you expect it to be. If you have any questions or suggestions, which would make your stay more enjoyable, please stop at the office and let us know. Anyone caught abusing or misusing any part of this campground will be escorted immediately from the campground without a refund! Bald Mountain Camping Resort, Inc., reserves the right to delete, add, or modify any/and or all of its policies at any time without notice or notification. Any changes become effective immediately whether or not this or any publication from Bald Mountain Camping Resort, Inc., is amended to reflect those changes.

Points Of Interest

Towns County, Hiawassee, and Bald Mountain Camping Resort are within 30 minutes of many of this area’s most interesting attractions:

  • Alpine Helen, a Bavarian Village
  • The Appalachian Trail
  • Brasstown Bald, Georgia’s highest peak
  • The Georgia Mountain Fair is held annually (July)
  • Fall Festival at the Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds (October)
  • Beautiful Lake Chatuge offers fishing and boating, water sports and spectacular views.
  • Cabbage Patch Kids – Babyland General Hospital
  • Bell Mountain – Spectacular views of Lake Chatuge and the North Georgia Mountains

Rates cover a maximum of 4 persons, one camper or tent, and one vehicle per campsite. Additional persons are $5.00 per day per person.Visitors spending the night: $10.00 per person per night (must be off campground premises by 10:00 p.m.) There is a maximum of 6 persons allowed on a site. If you have more than 6 persons you will need to rent another site. Price includes use of all campground amenities and Wi-Fi Internet for length of visit. ALL RATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.

  • Monthlies – $50 electric deposit due at check-in. This will come off the total electric amount when you depart.
  • RV Site Rates: 30/50 Amp Electric Service, Water, and Sewer. and Wireless Internet are included at no charge.

Check In Time: 1:00 A.M.
Check Out Time: 12:00 P.M.
Cabin Check In Time: 3:00 P.M.
Cabin Check Out Time: 11:00 A.M.
Early Check In Charge: (providing site is available) is $5.00 per hour
Late Check Out Charge: (providing site is available) is $5.00 per hour

Cancellation policy:

  • 7 days prior to arrival on nightly and weekly sites.
  • 14 days prior to arrival on all cabins.
  • 30 days prior to arrival on monthly sites.
  • NO SHOWS: If you have not arrived on your scheduled day (and you have not called) we will consider you a “NO SHOW” and you lose all rights to your reservation.


2020 Rates

  • Nightly CREEK Back-In Sites per night — $45.00
  • Nightly All Other Sites not on the creek per night — $42.00
  • Weekly CREEK Back-In Sites — $270.00
  • Weekly All other Back-In/Pull Thru Sites not on the creek — $252.00
  • Holiday Weekend Rate on the CREEK (3 night minimum @$149.75)
  • Holiday Weekend Rate – all other sites not on creek @$140.25 (3 night minimum @$140.25)
  • Tent Sites per night (Tent Site Numbers: 126, 127, 128, 129, 250 & 251) — $42.00
  • Monthly (plus electric) – April, May, June, July, August and September ONLY (based on 30 days) – MUST occupy site the full 30 days to receive the monthly rate — Call the office for rate. All other reservations are based on nightly and weekly rates.
  • -If you do not stay the 30 days your rate will be based on the night/weekly rate
  • Seasonal (Selected Back-In Sites Only) (electric extra) — Call for rate (Rate ends April 30)

Cabin Rates (Nightly) - See Cabin Page for More Information

Deluxe Cabins (Sleeps 4 MAX) – 2 Night Minimum

$145.00+tax/night+$25.00 Cleaning Fee

Lake Cabins (Sleeps 4 MAX) – 2 Night Minimum

$98.00+tax/night+ $25.00 cleaning fee

Keystone Cabins (Sleeps 4 MAX) – 2 Night Minimum

$119.00+tax/night + $25.00 cleaning fee

Cabin Check In Time is 3:00 P.M. – Cabin Check Out Time is 11:00 A.M.

Golf Cart Fees

Golf Cart Fee (Nightly – not required for monhtly or seasonal) $2.00